About Us

Established in 2015, The Peanut Butter Cupboard is a multi-award-winning food truck offering tasty peanut butter themed treats. At The Peanut Butter Cupboard we are always coming up with new ways to crush peanut butter cravings and send our patrons away satisfied.


Every year the Calgary Stampede presents 12 food-related awards with their "Take a Bite Outta Stampede" competition. In 2018, we were thrilled to win 3 of the 12 awards available to the 122 food booths and 62 new foods in the running!

Best New Sweet Food
"The Sweetheart"
Calgary Stampede, 2018

Best Value
"Deep Fried PB&J"
Calgary Stampede, 2018

Best Rookie
"New Owner, Sheila Fetter"
Calgary Stampede, 2018

Best on a Stick
"The Kabob"
Calgary Stampede, 2015

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